5 Best Titan Accessories for Fishing

Nissan Titan

If there is one thing Nissan Titan drivers here in La Crosse, Wisconsin, all love, it’s loading up the bed of their pickup with fishing supplies and heading to the Mississippi River for a day of fishing. But not too many drivers know that there are actually a number of Titan accessories for fishing trips; while not specifically designed for fishing, these accessories would prove advantageous.

Best Titan Accessories for Fishing Trips

  1. Bedliner: To keep your gear from damaging and dirtying your bed, opt for this non-slip bedliner.
  2. Splash Guards: Fishing trips down to the bank of the Mississippi can get muddy. Protect your Titan with these splash guards.
  3. Rear Bumper Step Assist: Keeping your gear in the bed? Make it easier for your family to get out their fishing poles with this step up into the bed.
  4. Nissan Wi-Fi & Apps: If you want to stream your favorite Neil Young or Willie Nelson tunes while spending the day fishing, you’ll want to opt for Wi-Fi on your Nissan Titan.
  5. Bed Tent: Make your fishing trip an overnight one with the Nissan Bed Tent accessory, turning the bed of your pickup truck into your bed for sleeping.

Some of our employees at Pischke Nissan love to fish, and we are very happy to offer products that can make a trip to the river that much better.

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