Best Off-Road Parks in Wisconsin

Nissan Titan XD

Are you looking for an exciting place to try out the off-roading features of your new Nissan from Pischke Nissan? Our home state has plenty of great places to seek out adventure. Here are four of our favorite off-road parks in Wisconsin:

  1. Cheese Country

Cheese Country is open year-round, and it’s completely free to thrill seekers. You’ll find the 47-mile Cheese Country Trail System out in the Driftless Area of Wisconsin, including Green, Iowa, and Lafayette Counties, about two and a half hours from our dealership.

  1. Florence County

Florence County is a 5-hour drive north, situated near Michigan’s Upper Peninsula — but the trip is worth it for the area’s natural beauty and, of course, great off-roading trails. This is a great spot for nearly year-round adventure, and it’s completely free. Just keep in mind that the trail closes in April.

  1. Chippewa County ATV Trails

The Chippewa County ATV Trails are just 2 hours away from our dealership here in La Crosse. This trail system includes 19 miles of hills and valleys. While admission is free, the trail is only open from May 1 through November 15 each year.

  1. Black River Falls

Like our other three options, Black River Falls is completely free. Located just an hour away, it’s open for summer fun from May 15 to October 15 and winter adventures from December 15 through March 15.

Need to get your Nissan ready to hit the trails? Buy accessories or get service at Pischke Nissan.

3 Must-Have Car Accessories to Improve Your Driving Experiences

Versa Note

These days, cars come with a plethora of cutting-edge features: top-quality stereos, hands-free technology, and even intuitive driver-assist tools. Technology continues to improve in the production of your vehicle, but they can still benefit from great aftermarket products.


Once you drive off the lot at Pischke Nissan, consider adding one of these must-have car accessories to your new ride.


  1. Dash cam — Purchasing a dash cam will give you more security on the road. If you have a dash cam, it’s significantly easier for police and insurance companies to see who is at fault in the event of an accident. You won’t have to worry about being falsely accused of violating the law.
  2. Vent phone mount — Texting and driving is incredibly dangerous, but so is holding your phone to use its voice-recognition software. A simple vent mount for your phone will free up your hands and create safer driving habits.
  3. In-car garbage can — It’s easy for trash to accumulate in the car, especially during long trips. Eliminate the clutter inside your car with an attachable, in-car trash can. You and your passengers can toss all your garbage in one place and you can empty it out after each trip.


Pischke Nissan sells many OEM-official aftermarket parts and upgrades that you can equip to your Nissan. Call our parts and service center for more information.