What to Add to Your New Year’s Bucket List

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With the start of the New Year, a lot of people are making resolutions to help improve their lives. Unfortunately, many will also give up on their resolutions within a few months. If you are tired of running through this same scenario every year, consider switching out your resolutions for a New Year’s bucket list.

By reframing your ultimate goals as fun challenges, you might feel more inclined to accomplish them and check them off of your list. Here are a few suggestions for items to add to your bucket list this year.

Work out around the city

If you really want to lose weight this year, instead of resolving to work out each day, give yourself a challenge of working out in different locations, like at the park or in a new gym class. Deciding on different locations to venture to can make the goal more exciting.

Save money

To start saving more money, be sure to set a specific goal you want to reach each month. It’s also a good idea to have a plan for the money, such as going on a vacation or purchasing a home, to motivate you to save.

Enjoy some me-time

Set aside a few hours each week to enjoy what you love. This could include going out to the movies, baking a batch of cookies, catching up on your favorite shows or hanging out with friends. You should also consider trying a new hobby or learning a new skill that you’ve always wanted to have.

We at Pischke Motors Nissan hope you are able to check some items off your New Year’s bucket list this year. If your goals involve traveling to different locations, be sure to head into our service department for maintenance before hitting the road.

Electrification in the Nissan Lineup

Nissan Leaf

In Europe, Nissan has been introducing various electric vehicles as it ramps up toward an EV-dominated future. Although the same vehicles haven’t been announced for the U.S., the Nissan lineup does include the LEAF, which is a great eco-friendly option for drivers in the states.


The Nissan LEAF has long been a popular all-electric vehicle in the U.S., and it indicates the brand’s commitment to electrification in its lineup. As is evident of this commitment, Gareth Dunsmore, the electric vehicle director for Nissan Europe, announced that the European portfolio of EVs would broaden. Some of the new vehicles in that portfolio will be entirely electric, while others will utilize e-power technology.


E-power vehicles use a small internal combustion engine to charge the battery pack, eliminating any fears over range. The fuel-efficient Note e-power model has already found success in Japan, so it stands to reason that similar vehicles may do well in Europe.


In 2020, the Nissan IMx concept crossover is also set to hit certain markets in 2020. This coincides with the plan for Nissan to have pure electric vehicles. As stated by Dunsmore, EV-modifiable internal combustion engine platforms and bespoke EV platforms are also going to be created.

There are still many unknown details about the new vehicles, such as if they will be coming to the U.S. However, it’s clear that electrification is important to Nissan and its future strategy.


We at Pischke Nissan love how committed Nissan is to protecting the environment. Come take a test drive at our dealership and see all that our vehicles have to offer.

Top Tips for Taking Care of Your Nissan This Summer

Nissan Interior

Summer is here again, and there’s no better time than now to make sure that your Nissan is up-to-date on key maintenance and service. Taking care of your Nissan this summer starts at Pischke Nissan, and it continues with some steps that you can take yourself.

Air conditioning

Your A/C is your best friend come the dog days of summer, and there are few feelings worse than realizing that your system isn’t working smack-dab in the middle of a hot day. Get ahead of a potential “sweat-astrophe” by getting your air conditioning system looked at by the experts at Pischke Nissan. We’ll quickly diagnose any problems and help you stay cooler for longer.

Keep it clean…

Having a nice, clean Nissan isn’t just easier on the eyes — regular washes and waxes help it hold up longer, which is especially nice if you plan to trade in and trade up one of these days. Washing off the grime and gunk of winter and spring and coating your Nissan with a fresh sheen of wax helps preserve resale value and increases your odds of getting complimented.

…on the inside, too

If you’re planning on taking a road trip with the kids or your old college buddies, then you’re going to want to make sure that you’ve got a nice, clean interior. Take the opportunity of a warm day and vacuum out your Nissan, wash your rubber floor mats, clean the glass, and swap in a fresh air freshener. Not only will this liven up your road trip, it’ll make your daily commute all the more pleasant.

There’s much more you can do to take care of your Nissan this summer, but your first step should be to bring it on in to Pischke Nissan. Whether you need new wiper blades, a battery test, tire rotation, or a tune-up, our service experts have you covered every mile of the way.