What to Add to Your New Year’s Bucket List

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With the start of the New Year, a lot of people are making resolutions to help improve their lives. Unfortunately, many will also give up on their resolutions within a few months. If you are tired of running through this same scenario every year, consider switching out your resolutions for a New Year’s bucket list.

By reframing your ultimate goals as fun challenges, you might feel more inclined to accomplish them and check them off of your list. Here are a few suggestions for items to add to your bucket list this year.

Work out around the city

If you really want to lose weight this year, instead of resolving to work out each day, give yourself a challenge of working out in different locations, like at the park or in a new gym class. Deciding on different locations to venture to can make the goal more exciting.

Save money

To start saving more money, be sure to set a specific goal you want to reach each month. It’s also a good idea to have a plan for the money, such as going on a vacation or purchasing a home, to motivate you to save.

Enjoy some me-time

Set aside a few hours each week to enjoy what you love. This could include going out to the movies, baking a batch of cookies, catching up on your favorite shows or hanging out with friends. You should also consider trying a new hobby or learning a new skill that you’ve always wanted to have.

We at Pischke Motors Nissan hope you are able to check some items off your New Year’s bucket list this year. If your goals involve traveling to different locations, be sure to head into our service department for maintenance before hitting the road.